Friday, April 8, 2011

Indian safari and more!

This Wednesday we went from Mysore to Coorg, India. On our first and only full day in Coorg we did lots of AMAZING things!

First, we went to the Irpu Waterfalls!!!!! We even got to go under the waterfall!!!! I GOT SOAKED!

Afterwards, we went on a...SAFARI!!!!

On the SAFARI we saw tons and tons and tons and tons of different animals. We saw:

7 turtles
6 wild boars
3 peacocks
12 water buffalo
1 mongoose
8 monkeys
47 spotted deer
and.... 13 ELEPHANTS!

My favorite animals I saw on the SAFARI were the elephants! One was standing in the road and we had to wait until it moved away, and then it trumpeted at us! I also saw 1 baby elephant with his mom and dad on either side of it! Most of the elephants traveled in packs except for 1 that was playing in the water. I have never seen so many elephants in my whole entire life!

Bye from India,

Janet I.R.


  1. Boy! that is sure a lot of Elephants! Keep counting and keep writing.
    Love from Grandma Toni

  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you are having a great time! I have never seen any elephants that where alive and out side of a zoo! I am going to subscribe so that i can read every new post.

  3. Hi Janet,
    3B has been following your blog and we think it sounds like you are having an awesome visit!
    We miss you and enjoy hearing about your trip.
    We will try to write to you again this week.
    Love from 3B